It has been well over a month since I introduced my first plugin called Custom Website Data also known as Simple Custom Website Data (I’ll explain that soon!). There has been many advances in CWD since it’s first version such some updates and now being publish on

Now available on

Around about a month ago Custom Website Data was accepted by and is now hosted there. It has it’s own dedicated page. Having this now gives all WordPress users the ability to search for the plugin directly on their website and instantly install it there. It also serves as a central place for user feedback, issues and suggestions of which has one already been requested and delivered (which I will touch upon further down).

The plugin is sometimes refereed to as “simple custom website data” because I made a rookie error and took “custom website data”… doh! That’s all it was, me being an idiot!

Updates and the future

Since the time of this post there has been two updates for Custom Website Data one being a security update and one an addition of a requested feature.

Version 1.1 – Security update

Quite quickly after release a ‘Rouge Coder’ contacted me highlighting some potential security issues with the plugin. I immediately obliged and released version 1.1. A member of the WordPress team has been in communications with me since and has cleared the plugin of any issues.

Version 1.2 – Feature addition

nirgalo asked for the ability to write to a record using PHP. I felt like this was a good idea and offers more flexibility to the plugin without compromising anything. Full instructions on how to use this feature can be found in the user guide via the plugin dashboard.

The future of Custom Website Data

  • Import and Export your data using CSV
  • Anonymous usage tracking – This will help me understand the plugins users to help improve it
  • AJAX updating – I may not implement this as the current method works quite fluently

If you have checked out Custom Website Data please tell me your thoughts below or if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

As mentioned in various places associated with CWD I do have planned additions but I would gladly try and add any requests people have. Some of the features are: