I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. Bill Gates

I don’t like to call it laziness it’s called being efficient.

I have released my first WordPress plugin to combat a problem I’m sure most people have. I know for a fact it is a common problem that you have to keep data such as email, phone number and address up to date on your website. Instances of these details can appear multiple in places on a website, meaning updating can be a long winded task. Some plugins available are either extremely limited, over complicated or have a premium.

Custom Website Data is simple

You enter your data on the plugin’s dashboard and then use that data in as many places as you want. This data can be anything; from the examples mentioned above (contact details), your current mood or what you are currently watching to more complicated things like if a holding page should be displayed. This plugin is as powerful as you want it to be. It is completely flexible to meet everybody’s needs; casual bloggers to professional web developers can take advantage of this light-weight, simple and efficient WordPress plugin.

What makes CWD stand-out from the rest

It is quick and simple to add new data to CWD and even quicker to get it onto your website. There are two options to display your data. The first option is by using a simple shortcode which you can place on your blog post or any page and the second option is by using a PHP function which can be used in your template files. By using the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) approach all of the plugins functions and variables are only available to itself and therefore another plugin could not interfere with the workings of CWD and vice versa. CWD records are stored in a separate table specifically created for CWD meaning it will not conflict with plugins or WordPress itself. More advanced users can store and retrieve PHP arrays allowing your imagination to run wild.

To find out more information and download it you can find it on Wordpress.org.