I’m going to hold my hands up right now and say It’s pretty pitiful the how many shows I have actually managed to tick off my initial list! Let’s review the list.

  • Firefly
  • Battelstar Galactica
  • The Wire
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Pacific
  • Generation Kill
  • Stargate SG1/Atlantis/Universe
  • Breaking Bad

Before we continue there will be no spoilers in the post.

With the exception of Breaking Bad (which I have seen the first season of) and Battlestar Galactica I have already seen all of the above before so have been less inclined to watch them over shows I haven’t seen before.

That said, I have watched some amazing shows that I have never seen before which I can include in my marathon. My plan was to blog after each show was complete but I have neglected that so here is a brief summary of what I have

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is one of those things that a few people you know hype about but it kind of passed under the radar for me! I never really gave it a chance (I’m not really into the fantasy genre which I thought it was). It has to be one of the best shows I have ever seen; I wish I had listened to the suggestions to watch it when I first heard people talk about it (mentioned one of the many character deaths).

We decided to give it a chance and were instantly hooked watching at least two episodes a night and smashing a minimum of 5 at the weekend. Trying to describe why I enjoy it so much is difficult. The scale of the whole show is of an epic size there are so many different locations and it is visually stunning to look at. The characters in Game of Thrones are great love them or hate them they are great characters. There are so many to choose from there is one for everyone.

Sons Of Anarchy

My current obsession is Sons Of Anarchy. I am really enjoying this, I saw it on Netflix while on one of my last marathons and made a mental no to watch it. Hardly anyone I know has actually seen SoA and it is actually really good. It has a very HBO feel – the production value is very good and you really love or hate the characters. I have nearly finished everything that is available and it looks like there will be a new season. I would tell anyone to give this a go even if you don’t have interests in motorbikes but it would help!

The Plan

Once I have finished Sons Of Anarchy I will be giving a show called Vikings a watch as it has come highly recommended said to be like Game of Thrones but following one storyline. Breaking bad is high on my priority list as it is likely to be spoilt soon by someone!