It takes a lot to grip my attention when I am browsing the web thanks to reddit. If something doesn’t grab me quite quickly I end up either skipping through it or just moving on completely. That said; sometimes things really do grip me. I have come to realise that some Short Films are really gripping.

Even though they are short they are sometimes fantastically made and much better than the crap out there in the box office! So without further a do here are some that you should certainly give the time of day!

Ruin – 8:30

I saw this a few years ago and recently found it again after wondering a month or two before what it was called so I could watch it again!

An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It’s only a tiny sliver of a much larger story.

2AM (The Smiling Man) – 4:08

This is a true story I read on reddit and it was made into a short film. I would suggest reading the story first and then watching the film because it is extremely well written and only deepens the immersion when watching the film.

I was going to make this blog post a top 5 or something like that but I haven’t watched enough that have stood out until now while trying to research some more. So here is some further watching if you are interested! Or if you are in to scary films give this a look.