I was browsing the /r/muse subreddit and came across a fun Muse ‘30 Day Song Challenge’. It reminded me of back in the day when you would answer loads of questions and then forward it on or tag friends.

Anyway I thought it would be fun! I’m impatient and just did the lot in one go!

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The song that got you into Muse

Plug In Baby

The song that makes you happiest


The song you’d want opening the film of your life

MK Ultra , just like the start of my dream setlist

The song you’d want closing the film of your life


The song that gives you goosebumps

Isolated System

The song you didn’t like at first, but love now


The song that’s your guilty pleasure

I Belong To You

The song you can fall asleep to

Any but if I had to pick one… Isolated System

The song that makes you want to dance

Panic Station

The song you’d recommend to someone that’s never listened to Muse

It really depends on the person but maybe Plug In Baby

Your favourite live performance

Dead Star

The song that you’ve always wanted to hear them play live

The Small Print

The song you wish you could play

The Handler

The song that tells your favourite story


Your favourite music video

Mercy or Isolated System

The song that holds a lot of meaning to you

Dead Star

The song you just don’t like

Drones or Soldier’s Poem

The song you’ve listened to the most

The Small Print or Sunburn

The song you’re currently obsessed with

The Handler

The song with the best lyrics


The song with the worst lyrics

Pink Ego Box

The song you’d want to dance to at your wedding


The song you listen to when you’re angry


Your favourite cover

Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Your favourite acoustic version

Sing For Absolution

Your favourite remix

Follow Me - Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix or Isolated System (Adven Remix)

The song you listen to when you’re sad

Anything I can get lost in, currently The Globalist

Your favourite b-side


The song that always gets stuck in your head


The song you’d love to hear them cover

A Linkin Park song, maybe Without You

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