My number one pet hate is people spoiling things! Apparently a pet hate is a “minor annoyance” not to me. I hate this with a passion! If I could put one thing in Room 101 it would be this. Please note there are spoilers in this post but I have hidden them either with blurry text or a placeholder image; both of which you hover over to reveal the spoiler. The spoilers are Game of Thrones season 4 related.


The one thing I try at all costs to avoid is to not know what happens until I have seen/read it myself on my own terms. I want to have that raw experience as intended by the writer/director. I do not want to know that eventually at some point X happens and then sit there watching in anticipation of it happening.

What has prompted me to write this is with something so big such as the new season of Game of Thrones show recently everyone wants to talk about it and unfortunately people take a sick pleasure of spoiling it for others. These where the people who burnt ants and picked the legs off insects as a child.

Social media is one way you can be that prick can spoil it for you. Watch it before everyone else and post it to facebook – where I see the spoiler before I have a choice. This serial spoiler first did it when Joffrey dies. I can’t remember the exact wording of the status but it was something along the lines of “Let me save you – Joffrey dies”. Instantly I watch the episode with this in mind. Every change of scene wondering if it was going to happen then. It spoiled the whole episode. Then this serial spoiler does it again a few weeks down the line with the below spoiler.


Thankfully the episode that night was focused on a totally different story line so the damage wasn’t as bad – but it was still in my mind.

Not Just A Plot Line Ruined

Like I briefly mentioned above the experience is different. You sit down to watch your show/film or read your book with this seeded in your mind. Its like a cliff-hanger that never actually happened. It takes the focus off of what the writer/director intended.

Different Rules For Different People

Like everything, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have had this discussion before and some have said if it X amount of years old it is OK to spoil. I think this is so so wrong. Just because you saw it as soon as it came out or read the books years ago what gives you the right to spoil it for other people who have never or only just discovered it. How many times have you come across something amazing well after it has been released. For me this is most cases. To name a few The Wire and Battlestar Galactica had finished at least 3 years by the time I came to watching them and they are among my top TV shows.

Just because you don’t really care if you find out a little detail you can’t assume everyone is the same.

The Line Has To Be Drawn Somewhere

I’m not Hitler so I accept there must be a line somewhere – honestly anything in recent time shouldn’t be spoiled I can’t put a specific time on it but unless it is globally public knowledge (e.g. Darth Vader is Luke’s father) then have a little consideration for others and ask if they have see it or don’t mind know what happens before you.

Knowing what happens gives you no divine right to tell other people; let people enjoy it just like you did.

What are your personal rules for spoiler? Tell me below!