1% of an Internet community are content creators. (Internet culture)

What do I mean “Be the one percent”

There is an internet culture “rule” which states that only one percent of an internet community actually creates the content for that community. This is obviously different depending on they type of community for example social media websites will have a lot more contributors than something like reddit.

The remaining 99 percent is broken down into two other categories. 9% contribute to the community in ways such as an occasional post and commenting on posts and the 90% are known as “Lurkers“; users that never interact with the community but just observe.

How I joined the one percent

For some time I was thinking of having my own blog, at first to do blog posts specifically about web development but soon I realised I really would love to talk about my hobbies in a more formal way.

In July 2013 I finally got around to setting up my own blog. After my first introduction post I quickly unleashed my first post on the world about the uncontacted tribes. The first post was easy, it was what spurred me on to setting the blog up.

Since getting settled in to blogging I have had some dry spells where I don’t really have a subject to talk about. This is due to the fact that my blog is really about what I am thinking about at the time or something I have just learned rather than being a topic specific blog. There are many ideas I have for a blog but it just isn’t substantial enough to justify a blog post. These ideas could always be made into a kind of mini series.

I have a few different styles of blogs ranging from a rant to a technical web development post. The style I enjoy the most is somewhat hard to describe; they are informative giving information and facts but at the same time have my opinion of the subject throughout – an example of this is my post talking about the end of the world as we know it.

Be the one percent!

I would push everyone to get their own blog. I would never have thought I would enjoy writing a blog as much as actually do. There is something about compiling all my thoughts about something in to one place that is geekily satisfying.

There are a few hurdles which I think would put people off from blogging:

  • Where to post your blogs? – There are many places you can get a blog set up for free which are easy to use. I would suggest for you to use WordPress. WordPress is the most popular platform and (in my opinion) the best one out there.
  • What to blog about? – This is your choice, If you have a hobby you could always just focus on that or you could go down the route I took and make it more a collection of posts where the link is you.
  • How often should I blog – This is purely personal preference. I would like to get into the habit of posting at least one blog per week but as mentioned before I don’t always have a subject.

Be the 1%.. if not.. be the 9% and leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading!