The question “How will I be remembered” does sometimes cross my mind. I would like to leave a mark on this planet as I am sure everyone wants to. So how will the whole of human kind be remembered?

Like I said, I would love to leave a mark on this planet something to be remembered; a legacy if you like. A lot of people have done it, we all know them. The greats such as Einstein, Newton and Darwin just to name some off of the top of my head. These will never be forgotten; It kind of makes you feel quite small and inadequate comparing yourself to these undoubtedly great people.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with others’ highlight reel Steven Furtick

The problem is we are comparing ourselves to that 0.1%. The people who really matter are friends and family so as long as you leave a positive mark on them you will be remembered.

Enough about me. Let’s talk humanity

Recently I stumbled upon something I found truly amazing. I wasn’t aware but the Voyager spacecrafts both of which explored our solar system before embarking on an interstellar mission had Golden Records put inside of them. These spacecraft that at the time of writing this post have been going for over 36 years away from our little rock we call Earth with no hope of returning.

I find it amazing that we have two spacecrafts out there with something that represents our whole planet. I wanted to share the pictures that an extraterrestrial intelligent life-form could judge us on. A written message is also included with these pictures from President Jimmy Carter. The message that President Carter sent along hits the nail on the head; it couldn’t be said any better, so here it is.

The people who chose what photographs to include had such a hard job. If you wanted to take a snapshot and capture everything about us and our planet, what would you include? One thing I did notice is they didn’t include anything to do with war or conflict. I believe that would be a bad choice, but what they did include? The first section is establishing some common ground, showing our numbering system. Then explains with mathematics that hopefully the Einstein of their race can understand our different units of measurements such as weight and distance.

After (from what I assume) teaching them our knowledge of physics and mathematics they kind of give a map to where we are. They do this by showing diagrams and pictures of how they could recognise our solar system. Then showing everything to do with the human race such as dna, anatomy and reproduction. This only sparks my Sci-Fi nerdiness thinking this is just a open invitation to anyone out there that we are ready to become slaves. But, like NASA my crave for knowing if there is other intelligent life out there is willing to take that risk.

So here just a small selection of the photos that I want to share with you: (There is a link at the bottom of this post to the 127 picture album)

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You can see all of the pictures in this album.

What I love about these pictures is how they managed to show how diverse our planet and how technologically advanced our civilization is. I say technologically advanced but they might laugh at these and think how pathetic the fact that we have only in recent years mastered flight etc.

If you could of contributed to this album – what picture would you have sent? Share in the comments below!

Off of the top of my head I would show man’s first un-tethered space walk – I think it shows our overwhelming need to explore and learn.