About two weeks ago my master plan finally came into action after months of planning, scheming and bricking it through airport security. I don’t actually remember exactly when I started planning but it was certainly the beginning of 2013 sometime. Enough of that it’s time to share the best day of my life so far!

We had decided the night before that we will be going down for breakfast at 9:30. The day started with me waking up and saying “finally” instantly to Helen, why? Because, I had been dreaming about my plan and waiting to get up for breakfast since 7:30 am.

We take a stroll down to the restaurant to see what takes our fancy in the delights of continental breakfast with the addition of Icelandic weirdness! Helen had pre-planned her breakfast with knowledge of our last visit. The waffle maker was hers! I decided upon cornflakes. It was at this point the worst thing of the day happened!.. There was a raisin in my bowl of cornflakes. What madness was this?? Who would do such a thing! I flicked it out and that was the worst part of the day. After breakfast we went back to our room until it was time to go to the Blue Lagoon.

After waiting so long to propose I wanted to do it at the beginning of our holiday so we could enjoy it engaged. I had always been my plan to propose at the Blue Lagoon as the Northern Lights are not guaranteed and I knew the Blue Lagoon would make great memories. Helen tried to throw an unintentional spanner in the works by wanting to go the Blue Lagoon at the end of the holiday. I subtly convinced her that ‘having a nice relax at the beginning’ would be the best idea!

We are on the way to the Blue Lagoon, in the back of my mind I see that the clouds are slowly dispersing; with the Northern Lights tour booked for the night it’s looking good! When we arrive at the Blue Lagoon the queue is massive so we take a walk around the side to get some nice pictures while the queue dies down.

gallery-1 gallery-1 gallery-1 gallery-1 gallery-1

We had a great time in the Blue Lagoon relaxing with freezing hair and melting bodies. This time we thought ahead and took a water proof camera and managed to get some great snaps! The clouds where near enough gone now. I could see where I was planning on popping the question from where we were hanging out in the lagoon. Little did Helen know what she was in for!

After an hour of bathing we decided it was time to get out. I got slightly nervous as the big moment was quickly approaching although I was excited for it at the same time. I got dressed and took a quick selfie with the ring, tucked it into my pocket and went out for Helen to be finished. Hel wanted to go to the shop first but I managed to persuade her to go to the observation deck so I could “get some nice panoramic shots” of the Blue Lagoon from above.

We walked through the restaurant which was awkward as there was some concert going on; squeezing past the crowds we climbed the stairs to the roof. We were standing in the corner above the Blue Lagoon I told Helen I had something to say. With nobody up on the observation deck with us the moment was timed perfectly. I Dropped down to one knee and popped the question. I’m not exactly sure what went through her mind but I’m pretty sure she was shocked! Mouth wide open “NO WAY….YES” is along the lines of what Helen said.

Soon after a group of people came up onto the deck and we asked them to take a picture of us. I’m pretty sure the lady we asked to take the picture was a pro photographer she was getting all the angles. I also managed to get a snap of the giddy face of Helen!

gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2 gallery-2

When we got the the observation deck I quickly realised I had not planned what was next! In retrospect I am glad I did it this way as I could not of planned it better. Most importantly SHE SAID YES! That was pretty much me done. All the time saving, planning and scheming had been worth it. She was completely shocked, speechless and had no idea whatsoever that I was going to propose and that is the effect I wanted.

The coach drive back to Foss Baron was so quick, I can’t remember what we talked about but we didn’t stop! By the time we got back to the hotel we had two hours until the Northern Lights tour. We decided that we had to go out for a meal to celebrate! Helen had been being a geek and found some good restaurants the night before in her little Reykjavik tourist book she stole from the hotel reception.

We chose to go to a steak house which was apparently only over the road behind our hotel. We walked up the road and could smell something very nice but couldn’t actually find it so had to head down the high street and found another steak house called “Herford Steakhouse”. Our meal in the steakhouse was very tasty but one very strange thing we encountered; which we have never encountered before while eating out was the way you order your meal. We looked at our menus and decided what we wanted to eat and sat with our menus closed giving the waiters that I’m ready to order look. They eventually came over and told us the cards on the table; which I thought were feedback forms were actually how you order by putting your name and the the number for your starter and main! After we got over the..unique way to order it was a great meal.

Back at the hotel it was time to get suited up ready for our first Northern Lights tour. It would be the icing on the cake if we seen the Northern Lights and the lack of clouds had us hopeful. Even so, every time you go to see the Northern Lights it’s best to assume you won’t. The first time we went to Iceland we didn’t see them until the second night. Oh this was different…

The tour started at 9 pm and by 9:30 we had spectacular show in front of us. As soon as the coach could pull up we did. I wanted to have my first attempted at taking pictures of the lights this time around and came prepared with my new camera and Helen having the important job of carrying the tripod. She did a great job! It is so hard to describe what you see when the Northern Lights are dancing above you. Comparing this show to last time the show of that night was a million times better. Maybe they knew we were celebrating our engagement?!

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These are just a few of the photos we took! As you can see we had a pretty eventful day and certainly the best day of my life so far. I could not of planned for it to be anything better and I wouldn’t change any of it..not even the raisin in the cereal because it makes the day even more memorable. The reason I say best day of my life so far is because they say your best day is your wedding day and if this is the caliber of the day we got engaged I cannot wait to see what our wedding day brings! I have written this blog for two reasons; firstly for who ever actually reads this blog and secondly so we have something to look back on in the future.

2nd November 2013 is a day to be remembered and what a day it was.