This is a problem and it needs to be recognised. With just about everyone having mobile phones with good cameras more and more people are capturing amazing things and uploading them for the rest of the world to see. The problem is sometimes only half of the action is caught due the the person recording holding their phone vertically.

I watch videos online of pretty much anything so I have seen it all…most of the time..when the phone is held the right way otherwise it is just I tall vertical angle of what is going on. This is a problem that people just need to be educated about.

This problem has been dubbed “Vertical Video Syndrome” or for short VVS. A video uploaded which has been recording in vertical mode is horrible to watch on a desktop and is horrible to watch on a mobile device because the screens are designed for videos shot in horizontal. When videos of this type are posted and become popular you will see in the comments people shouting about the fact it is shot in vertical. Then you get people down voting or arguing in the defense of this vertical video. These people DO NOT have a leg to stand on; given the choice they would ..without a doubt pick the horizontal version of a video.

What to do about it?

  • Make the conscious decision to hold your phone landscape when you are recording
  • Tell people when they are doing it wrong and explain why

It brings zero benefits to record in portrait all you do is lose half of what you are recording to black boxes either side of your footage.

Vertical Video Syndrome is a real thing, learn something from this and tell other people. It doesn’t take much to record the other way but it gives so much more benefits!

I leave you with this video; again highlighting VVS.