All of them </end blog post>. Ok that’s cheating but it’s true. I love them all, I can listen start to finish and not have to skip one. So I am going to break it down in to albums and give my top two from each album…to create the super album.


  • Showbiz
  • Sunburn

Origin of Symmetry

  • Bliss
  • New Born
  • honourable mention Plug in Baby (that intro can’t be ignored!)

Hullabaloo Soundtrack

  • Dead Star
  • Shrinking Universe


  • The Small Print
  • Hysteria

Black Holes and Revelations

  • Map of the Problematique
  • Assassin

The Resistance

  • Resistance
  • MK Ultra

The 2nd Law

  • Follow Me
  • Liquid State

B-Sides that should of made the album

  • Glorious (I love this one)
  • Crying Shame
  • Fury
  • Eternally Missed

Now I often get told that I need to expand my musical tastes or whatever, basically if you haven’t noticed yet I think Muse are THE best band and are really the only people worth listening to. So how do I combat people telling me to listen to other music easy. Muse have been around for many years and have such a diverse amount of music I would never get bored. Their music, lyrics and themes have depths most modern artists could only dream of and to be honest to call them modern ‘artists’ is quite offensive hearing most of the shit people listen to now. Give Muse a chance and I can guarantee you will see why I love their music after only a few songs.

On a final note, some people know how much the KEEP CALM posters piss me off, this one is the only acceptation.