I can’t explain easily why something draws me to wanting to know more about these tribes. Before I try to put into words what is going on in my head I want to explain a little more about them. Uncontacted tribes are communities of people they have had no physical contact with the world as we know it. There are about 100 of known uncontacted tribes in the world, some of which are hostile to outsiders and some just hide when confronted. The majority of these tribes range in population from 50 to 300 people, obviously these figures are best guess as there is no way we could monitor them so precisely without contact.

Although they are uncontacted they must have some knowledge that we exist…or at least there is something beyond the boundaries of their home land. This is proven by the fact the majority of them will have seen aircraft of some description fly over them and there are some pictures where they have metal objects such as blades and pots.

One of the questions that is burning inside me is what do they actually think when they see something from the modern world? When a jet flys over them do they think it is a strange bird? Do they believe it to be some kind of bad omen? Is it some kind of god or angel? If they do in fact believe in the latter, we (the modern civilization) have actually indirectly changed and became part of a religion and civilization as our civilization developed.

I think the major reason I am so intrigued by these lost tribes is because I find ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Mayan civilizations so interesting. I wonder what their religious and spiritual beliefs are and if they have inherited anything we can link with these ancient civilizations. From all the photos I have seen of these tribes there is no stone structures, only buildings made from the forest around them. I wonder what the reason for this is, I would hazard a guess that it due to the fact they are hunter gathers and have to relocate often and therefore have no need to build permanent stone structures.

Another thought I have is why is the population of the majority of these tribes less than 1000. Are we limiting them in some way either indirectly or directly?

The video below helps shed some light on this topic.

The final reason I find this subject amazing is they have no clue what technology exists.  As a web developer and a gamer being so involved in technology I find it hard to comprehend what it must be like to live in their world. One thing is for sure that the tribes that know about what is outside their world choose not to learn more so we should respect this. After researching this subject I have come to learn that more people should know about them to help raise awareness and protect them.

I will leave you with this quote

One uncontacted tribe is now believed to be reduced to only one man, known as the Last of his Tribe, who digs holes in the Amazon rain forest to catch animals and fires arrows at anyone who comes near.