I have finally created my blog after intending on doing it for a while. I wanted to launch it the same time as my portfolio but as I am so busy with my freelance jobs I don’t have the time at the moment to develop my website.

My main intent on creating this blog is to document and share my thoughts in an organised manor. By no means am I a writer so don’t expect the best use of words but I do promise interesting content every time.

My blog posts will range from geeky ramblings to my thoughts on a subject at the time. Some of the categories I have decided to have are taking about web development and my hobbies such as gaming and traveling.

I have some ideas for blogs already which I will post soon but to tease you and spark your interest I will give you a taster now!

My web development career has gone to an explosive start, I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and tips to share which could help every developer from new to experienced. That’s the good thing about web development, there is always something new you can learn – always something else you can achieve. Moving away from development, I have a lot of interested in random things from ancient cultures to astronomy and want to share my thoughts on these with you…now for the spark. There are tribes (mostly in South America) that have had zero contact with the civilized world..more on this when I write my full blog post!

Anyway, here ends my first blog post, if you are an early supporter of my new blog thank you and stick around!