As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my blog post about my TV show marathon I am currently on Battlestar Galactica. Yesterday I finished watching the actual series. I can’t get across how much I enjoyed watching BSG again. My first watch through of BSG didn’t go as well. I got to around half way through season 3 and stopped, I think because I went on holiday and came back with no motivation to watch it. Like every good TV show there are slow parts or irritating parts and I think I was in one of them at the time.

This time was much better, mainly I think because I was following a guide on what order to watch everything. I actually watched the mini series this time round which made the whole first season make much more sense. I do think that the first episode (called “33”) is one of my favourites, and possibly one of my favourite stand alone episodes of all time. I love the atmosphere this episode portrays, the fact that the Cylons are always coming they have to keep running, as weak and a tired as they are they keep working to keep the remaining human race alive. As a side note, if you enjoy this episode, there is a steam game called FTL (Faster Than Light). FTL is a great spaceship real-time simulation game where you are chased by rebels just like in ’33’.

Like I mentioned above there are parts that I didn’t like or thought could of been different throughout the series, mainly to do with Starbuck. Starbuck is just one big eyeroll. Maybe she is just fracked up in the head or she was just irritating in general. There is a lot of discussion online surrounding the last episode such as what is Starbuck, why did the Admiral go off alone, what happened to some of the characters. My main issue is, why waste so much time showing flashbacks in the last episode that add little or nothing to the overall story. I’m sorry but I didn’t need to know or care about the President’s family dying in a car crash, I didn’t need to know that Baltar’s dad ended up in a home and I certainly didn’t need to see Lee chasing a pigeon around his living room for 5 minutes. It’s nice to see Baltar return to his routes but the feelings felt of him doing this could of been triggered by a 30 second to a minute flash back of the conversation he was having with his dad in the living room. Instead of all these useless flashbacks I would much rather had seen everyone settling down on Earth, seeing them make a happy simple life for themselves.

Although I had a little moan above about the last episode there have been worse series finales such as Lost. On a whole I think the finale did a decent job at rounding off a great TV show and I liked the twist of us being descendants of what we have been watching as opposed to being the other way around. The more I think about Battlestar Galactica the more I think it becomes my number one TV show. I still have two films and a spin off series to watch which I am sure will only add to my love of the BSG universe. I would certainly implore every SciFi fan to watch Battlestar Galactica as well as suggest it to everyone I know. I am already looking forward to watching it again!