I wanted to do this for a long time and what forced me to finally start it was when we moved to our new apartment and were without Internet for a couple of days. My TV show marathon is essentially me watching my favourite TV shows from start to finish and trying to understand them more as well as see them again because they are the best ever!

One thing that has made this marathon so easy is Netflix. Until we moved in to our new apartment I had always just shrugged it off thinking that I would never make use of it.. Oh I was mistaken! It isn’t just the fact that you have the library of films and TV shows legally but it’s the ease of watching that helps you to enjoy your show of choice! The fact that you can stop watching it on one device move to another room and pick up another Netflix device that knows what second you where up to makes watching hassle free!

My marathon has no time limit or speed I should be watching them, the only rule is to watch every show start to finish as well as spin off shows or films relating to them…more on this later. So now on with my list, the shows I intent to watch during my marathon.

  • Firefly
  • Battelstar Galactica
  • The Wire
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Pacific
  • Generation Kill
  • Stargate SG1/Atlantis/Universe
  • Breaking Bad
  • …and maybe more to add!

So, at the time of writing this I have already finished watching Firefly and the accompanying film Serenity. If you haven’t seen these I suggest watching them in that order as you get to know the characters during the episodes so know why they act the way they do in the film.

I am currently watching Battlestar Galactica. Watching it the second time round has really helped me understand and also appreciate it for how good it actually is! I am following the guide that was posted on the blog ALPHABETTI SPAGHETTI .The guide has really helped clear up what order to watch everything since there are so many spin offs and films that accompany the main series as well as inform me of things that I didn’t know existed. Although I am on the fourth (last) season of Battlestar Galactica I still have so much more to go..Season 4.5, two films and a spin off series. I must say that this is starting to turn into one of my all time favourite shows.

But, that’s it for now. I have told you what my plan is and were I am up to but why am I doing this? I always say wait two years and then watch your favourite show or film again and you will love it even more. Of course in two years you aren’t going to forget the main story and its twists but re-watching those subtle things you forgot or discovering things you missed the previous time is the reason I am doing this and the reason I suggest you should do a similar marathon yourself. Think I have missed something off of my list? Leave a reply below or tell me what is on your marathon list!