About Me


Programming is my hobby and luckily also my job. By trade I am a PHP developer and have used Wordpress and Codeigniter in the past. I am passionate about Laravel and really enjoy using it. I attended Laracon EU last year and intend to go again. When it comes to the front end nothing pleases me more than tidy html and organised CSS (using SCCS) and Javascript. Being a Web Developer I have to be 100% confident with the front end even though backend is what I enjoy the most.

Along with the random blog posts I do, I also write about Web Development related topics ranging from general topics such as how I build this site to more specific things like "Handling Errors In Laravel".

I am always looking to contribute to open source projects and have a few of my own.

Continuous learning and self development is important to me so I am always reading blogs and watching screen casts/conference talks. Any way to level up my knowledge. I have dabbled in other languages such as Python, Elixir and Rust but nothing I could confidently shout about!


I have been a gamer since I was very young but as my love for programming has grown gaming has slowly taken a back seat.

I now usually only play at the weekends playing competitive games such as League Of Legends, Counter Strike, and Starcraft. If I'm not playing competitively I enjoy single player puzzle games such as The Talos Principle.

I am part of a tight community of friends who play online together. We also meet up at LAN events throughout the year.

Casual Photographer

I don't claim to be the greatest photographer in the world but I do like it when a photo turns out well!

I enjoy taking photos of landscapes and animals. Astrophotography comes as part of the package with my love for stargazing & astronomy.

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